Monday, January 25, 2016

Was Bobbi Kristina Euthanized While Still Fighting for Her Life?

A member of Bobbi Kristina’s family, and a holistic doctor called in to treat Bobbi Kristina in her final days are strongly both convinced she was euthanized. Both have indicated that prior to her death in July of last year, the medical condition of Whitney Houston’s and Bobby Brown’s daughter had improved, and she appeared to be fighting hard to stay alive. 

According to's Jan. 25 news report on the alleged “euthanization of Bobbi Kristina Brown,” Bobby Brown ‘s outspoken sister, Leolah Brown says the comments made by holistic doctor Jollie Harris III in a RadarOnline video interview regarding Bobbi Kristina were “absolutely 100% correct.”

Harris, a Los Angeles-based herbalist and practitioner of holistic medicine, expressed his belief that Bobby Kristina was euthanized for “mercenary reasons” and that her euthanization was done in a very inhumane way. See Bobbi Kristina’s Death was Inhumane Claims Bobby Brown’s Spiritual Healer  In his interview, Harris made a number of statements to support his belief.   

*       Upon being escorted to Bobbi Kristina’s room at the Peachtree Hospice Center by Bobby Brown, Harris said he could immediately see that she was in better condition than media reports had led him to believe. She was NOT in a coma, and upon further examination Harris said he found that she was not only responsive, but possessed motor skills, as well. According to Harris, Bobbi Kristina was able to raise her head 2 inches from her pillow and kick out with her left foot.  See Holistic Doctor Who Examined Bobbi Kristina Believes She Was Euthanized

*        In his subsequent meeting with Bobby Brown, Pat Houston and hospice doctors, Harris said he asked very pointed questions which prompted the doctors to reluctantly admit to Bobby Brown that they were no longer feeding Bobbi Kristina.  He stated that Bobby erupted in anger when he found out the truth.

*       Harris also described how Pat Houston refused to allow doctors to give Bobbi Kristina the herbal juice he’d prepared, even after he explained that it contained only herbs, seeds and other  natural ingredients,  and was specifically formulated to be administered via a feeding tube.  See Pat Houston Refused to Let Bobby Brown’s Holistic Doctor Treat Bobbi Kristina

What’s interesting to note is that several months ago, two people close to Bobbi Kristina made comments which seem to support Harris’ account.  

*       In July 2015, four days after Bobbi Kristina’s death, her friend Amber Melvisha stated in a post on her Instagram account that Bobbi Kristina fought hard to stay alive despite being deprived of nutrients for at least 3 weeks. She also stated that her family’s holistic doctor (whom she did not name in her post) flew to Peachtree Christian Hospice, but was “denied the right to try one last thing” to help her friend.  Amber further expressed her feelings that the “people around Bobbi Kristina”  (whom she also declined to name) had “hidden agendas” and “were too busy planning for her death.”   

*       In September 2015, Whitney Houston’s goddaughter, Brandi Burnside said in a TV interview that Bobbi Kristina was responsive when she and her husband Max visited her at the hospice center with their infant son.  It was Brandi’s belief that Bobbi Kristina’s responsiveness was an indication that she wanted to live, and was fighting for her life.

Both Brandi and Amber were scoffed at last year when these comments were made. But in view of Harris’ RadarOnline interview, it now appears that at least some of what they said was true. See Bobbi Kristina’s Family May Have Discontinued Life Support Too Soon  

Harris summed up his belief about Bobbi Kristina’s so-called  “euthanization with the following remarks:  
 “In my opinion, she was euthanized. “No one should have to leave the earth the way ‘princess’ Bobbi Kristina left here. It was inhumane.”

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